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Greetings from Mysore

8 Feb

Main Street, Gokulam - home of KP Jois Ashtanga InstituteA new blog, a new journey; I’m back in Mysore for the first time in over three years. Back at the shala practicing with Sharath.

Every trip to Mysore has its own personality. Even though I am returning to the same place again, new experiences always unfold. This is similar to the ashtanga practice itself, where the same sequence, practiced each day, brings something new every day.

I’ve wanted to start this blog in connection with the Mysore program I began teaching at the Life Centre in Notting Hill last summer. Now in Mysore, I have some more time to give to it. I took over the program last July, and it has been such a rewarding and joyful experience. Currently Nikos Klironomos and Jennifer Dale are covering my classes.

At the moment, in Mysore, there are so many people here, over 400 students. So the Shala is über-crowded and I have never begun my practice so late. A 10 am start insures a very warm and sweaty shala in which to practice, and it’s a nice break from waking at 4:30 every morning in London.

I am keeping this one short and sweet, but want to keep updating during my time here. Keep checking in and let me hear from you! e